Friday, February 21, 2014

Education as Transformation

One is led to believe that as we are educated we are transformed. So my question here is what do we mean by transformation and how much can one be transformed without losing the essence of who we are?
I have no doubt that some personality traits must be eliminated, when they are negative elements in the behavior of the individual. But thinking that one must reinforce and develop the good traits of personality that allows the individual to be a good member of our society, a good citizen, and to prepare him/her to perform in a constantly changing technological world, one can see that the need for transformation (in this sense) is what we are talking about.
So transformation as maturation/preparation can be addressed in education. I believe that this context will allow to clearly define the curriculum for transformation in a way that will work with and not against the needs of the student. This point is particularly critical as we know that students come to schooling from a very diverse background and personal history. So the need to personalize curriculum becomes now a days very important. How can we personalize education when schools have limited resources? How can we do it when it looks like the tendency today is that of normalization, standardization, and homogenization? Can we have individualized education through the use of technology? 
Here I will say one thing about the last question. I think -YES. We could develop programs that using today's technologies could help individual students get the education they need to acquire or develop a level of understanding that permits them to perform providing the services required by society. Which means that as students get into the market economy of society they will be able to provide the service required (in other words -get a job) and be productive, constructive citizens.
This if course doesn't mean that we would not have standards for graduation, what it means is that the ways and means to get to those standards are going to be tailor made for each individual.

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