Monday, August 8, 2011

Not blaming the teachers

In today's Oregonian Tracy Groom (Teacher at Wilson High School in Southwest Portland) writes about learning responsibilities and accountability in our schools compared to India where Mr. Groom visited as a Fulbright exchange teacher. The article is a "must read" piece that puts the finger on one the most difficult and sensitive aspects of the situation with the teaching/learning discussion in our country today. This is some of what he has to say: "My Indian students were enrolled in far more advanced classes -- especially in math and science -- and performed far better in school and on exams than their American counterparts. Classes usually exceeded 45 students, the quality of teaching was horrendous, and the books and teaching resources were atrocious. Thin classroom walls were no match for street noise or the nearby Indira Gandhi International Airport, and only the principal's office was cooled during blazing hot summers or heated through bitterly cold winters. Yet students excelled. Why? "

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